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                                                 hoi an south development company limited

Hoi An South Development Company Limited

địa chỉĐịa chỉ: Tay Son Tay Hamlet, Duy Hai Commune, Duy Xuyen Dist, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam

quy mô công tyQuy mô công ty: Ít hơn 10 nhân viên

websiteWebsite: Chưa cập nhật

Mô tả công ty

HOIANA is destined to become Asia’s premier oceanfront playground. It will be the ultimate reward for those who expect the very best in entertainment, vacations and luxury living. HOIANA is located 30 kilometres south of Da Nang, and just 10 kilometers from the World Heritage listed city of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province – central Vietnam’s fastest growing tourist destination. Set on 4 kilometers of pristine tropical beachfront, occupying 985 hectares and receiving US$4 billion of investment, HOIANA is by far Vietnam’s most significant tourism destination and investment to date. We know that providing our guests with a fantastic destination and product is only part of their experience. We need to ensure that every contact they have with us is rewarding, positive and leaves a great impression, and we know that it is our staff who play the most important part in providing this. We are looking for talented, friendly and enthusiastic candidates to join our talent network, who fit into our culture of “Special Place. Special ; At HOIANA, we are building something very special; with internationally recognized and award winning hotel companies, world class golf courses, exciting gaming for rewards and entertainment, and an amazing array of recreation and spa facilities, we are sure you will find a career opportunity that suits you! Although recruitment for most of our positions will start in 2018, due to the large number of employment enquiries we are already receiving we invite you to join our candidate talent network database so we have your details on file for future opportunities when they become available. In the meantime you can follow our progress on Facebook and keep up to date with all the latest news from HOIANA! Website:

Tin tuyển dụng của Hoi An South Development Company Limited

Executive Assistant to Vice President of Golf

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềHành chính - Văn phòng
địa điểmQuảng Nam
Scope of Position:
• The Executive Assistant will provide executive-level support to the Vice President of Golf on a day-to-day basis to enable maximization and efficiency of the Vice President’s time management.
• This is a senior Executive Assistant position requiring a high level of professionalism, diplomacy and discretion in handling highly confidential information and material.
• To be the main point of contact between the Vice President and other internal and external communications and departments.
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Internal Audit Supervisor

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềKế toán - Kiểm toán
địa điểmHà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
This role will assist the Director of Internal Audit in developing annual risk-based audit plan, and in performing full lifecycle of internal audit project, including scoping, control testing, reporting, and following-up the agreed action plans with respective process owners.
• Assist Internal Audit Director in planning and executing internal audit activities which include operations and compliance audits.
• Perform internal control testing, prepare audit working papers and written reports in accordance with the department’s quality standards.
• Identify control gaps in business procedures, processes, or systems and initiate appropriate remedial action.
• Assist in providing recommendations that strengthen internal controls, streamline current processes to promote efficiency and effectiveness.
• Oversee and track effective and timely remediation of identified control weaknesses; facilitate agreed-upon corrective actions for remediation with respective process owners.
• Research and stay current on new technical literature applicable to the internal control process, emerging trends, and best practices.
• Assists with other ad-hoc projects and/or fraud investigations as assigned.
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HR Officer

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềNhân sự, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
This position in charge of all recruitments and C&B of Hoiana Management that included but not limit for local positions, from supervisor to entry level vacancies. This position is a key assistance to Human Resources Supervisor in leading and developing the employment brand and recruitment, database, payroll and benefits in meeting all the tasks/target of recruitment and C&B in daily/monthly activities on time.
All responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with departmental and company policies, practices and procedures, as well as within the framework and intent of the Vision of Hoiana Management property.
• Follow up the internal and external recruitment and placement activities for Hoiana Management.
• Prepare and follow up admin stuffs for mass recruitment.
• Coordinate and administer all Internship/Trainees program throught out Hoiana.
• Coordinate with HR team of Operators to support all requirements of Talent Solution or HR Systems.
• Assist to develop recruitment and placement policies, systems and procedures including strategies and selection techniques.
• Work closely with departments to arrange recruitment process.
• Conducts interview for all local positions, from supervisor to entry level.
• Follow up all recruitment advertising and employment brand development with marketing department.
• Assist supervisor in recruitment plans in considering the market mechanism, labor development tendency, salary and benefit bench mark.
• Prepare reports and recommends procedures to enhance the recruitment and employment processes.
• Coordinate, negotiate and administer all sourcing/recruitment agency relationships.
• Act as a liaison between Hoiana and the community in which they operate to generate interest and strong relationship for the workforce.
• Coordinate and assist on-boarding, orientation programs and HR operations
• Follow up duties and examines work for exactness, neatness, and conformance to policies and procedures.
• Follow up candidate database management and other duties when required.
Payroll, reward, compensation:
• Responsible for administering all compensation & benefit programs for local employees, including making recommendations for enhancements and compliance related changes.
• Prepares payroll for local employees on timely basis and make sure that problems arising from unsatisfactory salary administration practices are resolved properly for the next month.
• Responsible to register dependents and tax code for local employee through tax government platform.
Time Attendance Record:
• Update monthly time attendance record and send to roster makers of each department.
• Review monthly time attendance record to maintain accuracy regarding number of working days, paid days, overtime, leaves…
• Record all leave applications that have been approved by HODs/Managers.
Compulsory insurance and extra insurance:
• Monthly report to Social insurance department through declaration social insurance system.
• Receive and check document from employee if there’s any claim to social insurance and work with social insurance department to ensure employees get full benefit from insurance.
• Monthly update to broker for the list of insurers under extra insurances policy. Support employees if there is any issue during the period of using service.
Labor contract and other decisions:
• Follows up expiration and prepares labour contract. Make sure that they have performance appraisal from department head before issuing next labour contract and employee sign labour contract on time
• Updates and maintains labour contract type and expiration in system.
• Prepare termination decision, disciplinary decision…
HR System Administration:
• Support in administration HR system – C&B function to ensure the system running smoothly and exactly.
Employee Data management:
• Enter employee information into employee data master file and to the system and make sure all recording information are correct with hard documents.
• Follow up with employee for getting their personal documents as request and keep in order in filling cabinet.
General Reporting:
• Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual C&B report.
Other Duties:
• To comply with all standards of performance, behaviour, and operational policies and procedures in place.
• Participates in appropriated internal and external activities to enhance prestige of the Company.
• Performs other relevant duties as directed by the management.
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Laundry Manager

Thực tập sinh
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềSản xuất - Vận hành sản xuất, Du lịch, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh
The incumbent of this position is responsible and accountable for all production functions of the Central Laundry, processing in the region of 20mt/day, and also for the leadership, strategic planning, resource planning and direction setting in respect of productivity and factory operations including but not limited to the collection, receiving, sorting, mending/repairing, washing, drying, folding, packing, order make-up, loading, distributing and delivering of all products processed in the production and related processes.
- Profitability:
Effectively and efficiently manage and control financial resources and the engagement of these financial resources to ensure optimal financial resource utilization
Effectively and efficiently manage and control the use of people, raw material and equipment to ensure optimal productivity and return on investment
Effective and efficiently measure and manage the productivity and the operating costs of all areas under his / her control to maximize profit margins
Analyze, optimize and improve overall performance of the equipment, staff and the production processes to ensure that assets are deployed and utilized optimally
Effectively manage purchasing functions to ensure optimal stock levels, competitive mark up and maximization of capital employed
Effectively determine and communicate pricing of products / units / cost of sales to ensure competitive pricing structures.
- Productivity:
Ensure that production targets per area / machine is set, measured and monitored hourly / daily and corrective action is taken upon deviations from set performance requirements
Ensure that deviations from set production targets are investigated and the root cause for the deviation is addressed
Ensure that production and related efficiencies are measured and monitored hourly / daily and corrective action is taken upon deviations from set performance requirements
Ensure that production schedules are compiled, communicated and distributed in time and that production planning is done in such a way as to optimize equipment and people utilization
Ensure that production schedules make provision for optimal allocation of processing different products throughout the production processes
Ensure that deviations from production schedules and quality standard are identified and dealt with pro-actively
Raw materials utilization measured and monitored hourly / daily and corrective action is taken upon deviations / inefficiencies (water, chemicals, coal efficiencies, steam, etc.)
Ensure preventative maintenance and breakdown maintenance is done in such a way as to eliminate / reduce production time losses
Ensure that all equipment and staff related efficiencies are optimized and that assets are utilized to maximize productivity.
- Distribution:
Manage, monitor and control the quality, quantity, cost and efficiency of the movement and storage of products / units
Ensure that all trucks are loaded to optimal efficiency and that all routes are planned in the most efficient and effective way
Ensure that systems are implemented and maintained to ensure that loads and deliveries are secured and delivered timeously
Ensure that systems are implemented and maintained to ensure the efficient and effective control of all inbound and outbound activities including the use of UHF RFID scanners and portals.
Ensure that effective administration systems are implemented and maintained to track and record all distribution activities accurately.
- Finance and cost:
Ensure that systems are implemented and maintained to effectively manage and control the financial resources and the allocation thereof
Compile the budget/s for all areas of accountability / responsibility and monitor, control and take corrective actions from planned expenditure
Continuously monitor and control both fixed / variable costs, including but not limited to, maintenance cost / transport cost / energy costs, etc.
Manage and control salary expenditure and approve expenditure on a weekly / monthly basis
Research / determine / calculate accurate pricing per unit ensuring that all factors are considered
Continuously review financial targets and performance levels and implementing initiatives / action plans to ensure that required financial performance is achieved.
- Legislative / Standard compliance:
Ensure that skills development and employment equity requirements are implemented / adhered to and maintained
Ensure that systematic and accurate time and attendance systems and staff administration systems are implemented / maintained to facilitate the effective processing of payroll
Ensure that effective and accurate financial control and administration systems are implemented / adhered to / maintained.
- People:
Staff performance and conduct is monitored, and disciplinary steps are taken as and when required against employees who misconduct themselves or who are under performing
Labor and shifts are planned, allocated and applied in such a manner as to minimize the necessity of casual labor, fixed term contract labor and overtime
Regular communication with staff is done to discuss targets, deviations, performance, customer requirements, customer complaints, etc.
All relevant training gaps for all personnel is identified and prioritized and included in the Work Place Skills plan and training and development budget.
- Administration:
All relevant reports relating to the production activities and performance is obtained, analyzed and corrective action is taken where required.
All relevant reports relating to the financial / finance activities and performance is obtained, analyzed and corrective action is taken where required
All relevant reports relating to the distribution activities and performance is obtained, analyzed and corrective action is taken on deviations
All relevant reports relating to the employees’ salaries / wages, absenteeism, discipline and performance is obtained, analyzed and corrective action is taken where required
All relevant reports relating to customer satisfaction, queries and complaints is obtained, analyzed and corrective action is taken where required
Prepare & compile monthly management reports.
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Director of Fleet Services

Phó phòng
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềVận tải - Lái xe, Du lịch, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
Scope of Position:
• Provide strategic and leadership of the entire fleet operation which cover shuttle services for Hoiana employees, casino and resort visitors, limosine services and fleet maintenance.
• To delevop, implement and monitor the fleet processes and strategies that support sales, resort operations and maximise fleet performance.
• Managing the pre-opening set up, transportation schedule for external guests and Hoiana employees in accordance with the resort operation needs and ensure a high level of transportation services and punctuation for Hoiana guests and staff are provided.
• To create and maintain fleet service policies, operating procedures which comply with the national safety regulations.
• To oversee all aspects of fleet activity & schedule, ancillary equipment, fleet maintainance & repair, fuel conservation, training initiatives, environmental engagement, law & regulation compliance.
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Fleet management:
• Manages Fleet / Mechanical department day-to-day operations, assesses risk and safety issues.
• Ensures all fleets are tightly controlled and well maintained.
• Develop and monitor budgets, contracts, and long-term plans based on future facility and fleet needs considering completion of different phases of Hoiana project.
• Direct the proper selection, purchase, utilization and inventory of Company assets in support of the fleet and facilities departments. Coordinates with other departments as necessary to ensure upgrades and repairs are completed efficiently and effectively.
• Manage contractors involved in departmental projects and delivery of services.
• Uphold and communicate safety standards and compliance to all employees and subcontractors.
• Ensure all OSHA regulations, fire safety and prevention, local laws and regulations are complied.
• Develop and manage a comprehensive asset utilization plan
• Find suitable employee pick-up points and design pick-up & drop-off schedule to meet operational demands. Work closely with Director of Operations in coordination of efficient staff services.
• Create shuttle bus schedule for needs of the stake holders.
• Develop and implement a preventative maintenance program for entire fleet and monitor warranty usage and repairs to ensure reliability of the fleet and minimise service disruption.
• Execute a fuel conservation plan to reduce fuel usage.
• Ensure workplace safety in the design and maintenance of work areas.
• Develop fleet safety program, including the investigation of accidents involving fleet
equipment and estimating of damage costs.
• Provide onsite leadership, open communication and support for all Operational areas of Fleet Management.
• Acquire, develop and retain talent, while supporting employee growth and opportunity within the department.
• Work closely and collaboratively with all departments within Hoiana to support the operations.
• Perform all other duties and special projects as assigned.
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Director of Clubhouse Operations

Phó phòng
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềQuản lý điều hành, Thực phẩm - Đồ uống, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
The Director of Clubhouse Operations will be a key Division Head leading the opening and operation of Hoiana Shores Golf Club and play a critical role in the Club’s overall successs.
The Director of Clubhouse Operations closely works with the Vice President of Golf & Residential Development in the pre-opening set up, daily operation and ensuring the highest levels of service throughout all operations of the Clubhouse including Front Office, all Food & Beverage Outlets, Housekeeping and Sales Department.
In the absence of the Vice President, the Director of Clubhouse Operations is responsible for the operation of all aspects of Hoiana Shores Golf Club and flexibly performs specific tasks as requested by the Vice President.
• Upon finishing of Clubhouse construction, work on pending defects in conjunction with Clubhouse contractors and assist with the set up of the Clubhouse and other facilities.
• Manage the set up of the Clubhouse management system.
• Assure operation of the Golf Club in compliance with Government laws and all licenses related to the Golf Club operation achieved.
• Assure the Golf Club operation in compliance with the Corporate Compliance and Security policies.
• Manage all aspects of the Clubhouse in cooperation with shared service departments ensuring smooth and effective operation of Front Office, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping and Sales Department.
• Approve plans, budgets, staffing and general operating procedures of the Front Office Department, Food & Beverage Department, Housekeeping Department and Sales Department.
• Monitor the budget of these departments, supervise all internal cost control procedures and direct the taking of corrective action as necessary to assure that budget goals are attained.
• Monitor the performance of all daily operations, functions and services; assures high standards and total customer satisfaction.
• Assure efficient and profitable operations by department; holds regular meetings with the Clubhouse department heads to assure effective staff communications.
• Build relationships and maintain contact with all Club guests and members and, in coordination with Golf Operations and Golf Course Maintenance Departments, assure all the Club’s guests and members receive the highest standard of service and product they expect.
• Assist the Vice President in coordinating and administering the Club’s policies; implementing and monitoring the budget; monitoring the quality of the Club’s products and services and ensuring maximum member and guest satisfaction.
• Assist the Vice President with the development of operating and capital budgets; monitor financial statements; review income and expenses relative to plans; implement corrective measures as needed; make recommendations for capital improvements, supplies and equipment.
• Assist the Vice President to set up merchandise, golf and membership pricing, assuring competitiveness and profitability.
• Assist the Vice President in developing/implementing long-range and annual business plans, operating reports, forecasts and budgets.
• Develop/Montior/Implement all operation policies applied for the Golf Club or established by the Company.
• Provide detailed written operation reports to the Vice President on a monthly basis and at any times as required.
• Assist the Vice President in maintaining the relationships between the Golf Club and its guests, members, employees, Excom executives, community, government and industry.
• Support the Club’s marketing plan and promotional programs to provide the Club’s guests with a variety of innovative functions, programs and events.
• Oversee the security, proctection and maintenance of all physical assets and facilities.
Other Duties:
• Comply with all standards of performance, behaviour and operational policies and procedures in place at Hoiana Shores Golf Club at all times.
• Participate in appropriated internal and external activities to enhance prestige of the Company.
• Perform other relevant duties as directed by the Vice President of Golf & Residential Development.
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Senior Manager, Information Technology

Thực tập sinh
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềIT phần mềm, IT Phần cứng - mạng, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
A highly-motivated individual who will be dealing with all incidents in and out of business hours. Support Corporate IT and IT Senior Management in the maturity of the function to support the IT Management changes to strategies, improvements and processes to best practice.
Develop effective relationships with senior business and IT stakeholders. Be responsible for a timely resolution of all IT Incidents with clear and effective communications to our business areas. Responsibility to ensure that all problems are prioritized and managed.
Responsibilities for the role include:
- Act as the main escalation point
- Responds to escalated issues and make sure issues are resolved in a timely manner
- Oversees help desk activities
- Oversees the administration and maintenance of computer stations and any installed software.
- Builds and maintains vendor relationships and manages the purchase of all IT related hardware and software
- Work with Corporate IT on standardized IT hardware and software including setup.
- Work with Corporate IT in IT related communications, administration, planning, implementation and support (e.g. Requirements gathering, Infrastructure, Security, Systems)
- Maintain effective communication across the board in terms of technical team members, Senior Stakeholders and IT stakeholders.
- Take full responsibility for backup and restore of IT systems
- Build a knowledge base and recovery plan to constantly drive forward improvement
- Ensures that company IT assets are maintained responsibly.
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Retail Manager (Casino Team)

Thực tập sinh
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềKD bất động sản, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
Position Summary:
Reporting to VP, Non-Gaming, the Retail Manager is responsible for providing leasing and marketing expertise as well as leasing support to the casino retail operations.
Duties may include but not limited to :
 Able to source for retail partnership on leasing or franchising
 To develop retail operations and concepts for ideas.
 Actively develop trade shows, fairs and festival for tenant leads.
 Meets and or exceeds projected income budget.
 Monitors temporary tenant activities and resolves problems in conjunction with the VP, Non-Gaming.
 Monitors and ensures visual merchandising requirements and standards are met.
 Evaluates retail mix to determine potential temporary tenant uses.
 Negotiates rents and terms with temporary tenants in accordance with company guidelines.
 Develops relationships with temporary tenants to encourage repeat business and referrals.
 Monitors fixture inventory and permanent tenant exclusives and kiosk restrictions.
 Oversees and monitors temporary tenant payments and sales reports in conjunction with staff.
 Interacts with local government to ensure compliance to all ordinances and regulations.
 Negotiates, generates and enforces provisions of the license agreement.
 Determines marketing strategy changes by reviewing operating, financial statements and retail sales records
 Reviews and approves tenant set-up and signage.
 Communicates with regional/tenant coordinator on cost estimates to repair tenant spaces.
 Collects, and monitors weekly/monthly minimum rent and percentage rent.
 Inputs rent information, sales, etc. into database and forwards checks to corporate office.
 Writes maintenance orders and follows up on performance.
 Prepares weekly action reports.
 Monitors insurance, business/tax/licenses of temporary tenants.
 Coordinates temporary tenant move-in and move-out with staff, maintenance, and security.
 Stays informed and comply with all company policies and procedures as outlined in the Operations Manual
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Executive Assistant to General Manager, Casino

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềHành chính - Văn phòng, Du lịch, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh
Position Summary:
Reporting to General Manager, Executive Assistant is responsible for providing administrative and function support for the General Manager. Respond to inquiries and problems in an efficient and professional manner to achieve the highest guest satisfaction while complying with all casino policies. This job involves in top confidential information and request high compliance in codes of ethics & conducts.
Duties may include but not limited to:
A. Primary Responsibilities
Executive Support
 Provides superior customer service, positively effects interactions with customers and employees, and has ability to deal with difficult customers in all types of business conditions and the ability to work harmoniously with coworkers.
 Assists the General Manager with daily administrative duties and completes a broad variety of administrative tasks that include managing an active calendar of appointments; completing expense reports; composing and preparing correspondence; arranging transportation and detailed travel plans, itineraries and agendas and compiling documents for meetings.
 Communicates with Department Heads and General staff on the General Manager’s behalf and coordinates logistics with high-level meetings both internally and externally. Coordinates meetings and strategic activities with HASD, SGMC and All Departments.
 Conducts research on prospective corporate, competitors to identify and evaluate current needs and assembles materials needed for the proposals.
 Drafts reports, speech writing, letters of solicitation, proposals; prepares and coordinates oral and written communication with related parties and prospects.
 Supports General Manager in his external commitments related to, including service on SGMC Executives.
B. Secondary Responsibilities
 Performs other duties as assigned.
 Oversees the administration work of all Secretaries and Administrative Assistants.
 Provide assistance as needed to front desk operations to include but is not limited to, answering phones, accepting package and other deliveries, and greeting and signing in visitors/guests.
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Staff Village Manager

Thực tập sinh
Trên 30 triệu / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềQuản lý điều hành, Nhân sự, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
Hoiana is one of the largest tourism developments in Vietnam, due to open in the second half of 2019. Comprising of 3 Hotels, Condotel, Golf Course and Casino in Stage One, we will be employing over 4000 staff. In order to attract the very best talent in Vietnam, we are also building a Staff Village with 960 individual rooms which will house over 2,500 residents in a range of accommodation from single apartments, studios, and share apartments. These are being constructed to the highest level of quality and will definitely not be “dormitory” style that you might find in other resorts.
The Staff Village will be a “home away from home” and will have a range of dining and recreational facilities to keep residents active, well fed and entertained. The Staff Village Manager will effectively be the “Mayor of Hoiana” and have responsibility for ensuring our valued staff have a safe and comfortable living environment, enabling them to provide the highest standard of service to our guests.
Benefits include a very attractive salary plus Housing Allowance until the Staff Village opens, after which this is a “live in” position with FOC accommodation in a furnished apartment.
- To oversee the entire Hoiana Staff Village in accordance with company policy.
- Managing the pre-opening set up and operation of the Staff Village
- To establish and maintain all Staff Village policies, procedures and regulations for all levels & residents of the Staff Village.
- To be a representative of HR Department in working with other functional managers and peers to manage & operate Staff Village in compliance with HR policies, practices and procedures.
- To manage all aspects of the Hoian Staff Village including the Front Office, Reception, Reservation, Recreation, Maintenance, Housekeeping and Catering (externally sourced)
- To ensure a high level of resident satisfaction service from staff arrival through to their departure, contributes to staff satisfaction always by providing high quality services throughout their stay.
A. Pre-Opening
- Working in conjunction with the Main Contractor, assist with the set up of the Hoiana Staff Village, including selection of FF&E, room décor, landscaping, room fit out, recreation facilities
- Working in conjunction with the Catering Contractor, assist with the set up of the Food and Beverage facilities, including kitchens and dining room, staff bar and all F&B related functions
- Manage the set up of the Staff Village Property Management System, ensuring that room allocations and accommodation reservations are conducted efficiently and in accordance with company policy
- Working in conjunction with the Security Manager, assist with the implementation of Fire Life and Safety equipment and procedures.
- Working in conjunction with the Finance Department and VP HR, assist with the development of the Staff Village Operations Budget, both pre and post opening.
- Working in conjunction with the Transport Department, assist with the development of the Staff Transportation timetable.
- Develop a comprehensive set of Policies and Procedures for the Hoiana Staff Village
- Develop an Onboarding and Orientation process for new residents
- Source Third Party Business partners to set up and operate outlets within the Hoiana Staff Village; Hair Salon, Staff Bar, Minimart, Clinic etc.
B. Management and Administration:
- Ensures occupancy of Staff Village is tightly controlled
- Manages the daily room movements; check ins, departures, room moves, room allocations
- Manage, control the Daily/Weekly/Monthly report on Staff Village Occupancy and expenses: electrical, water, meal, laundry, internet, transportation, etc.
- Responsible for controlling all confidential and financially related information of residents
- Monitors the quality of catering provided by external contractor; meets regularly to discuss feedback from residents and to plan for future F&B offerings and events.
- Manages the cleanliness and hygiene of the Staff Village by implementing a regular Houskeeping and Maintenance programme
- Meets weekly with Resort HR representatives to forecast and plan occupancy and room allocations and to discuss any issues from residents.
C. Safety and Security
- Manages the Safety and Security of the Staff Village by implementing and ensuring a comprehensive Staff Village Code of Conduct is adhered to.
- In conjunction with the VP Security and Surveillance, ensures that the safety and security of residents is paramount; reviews the Staff Village Daily Report and follows up on all incidents.
- Ensures that the Staff Village Fire Safety is being managed in accordance with local regulations. In conjunction with VP Security and Surveillance, arranges regular audits on Fire and Emergency procedures and regular evacualtion drills.
D. Transportation Management:
- Ensure the resident transportation from staff village to Resort and to Da Nang and Hoi An is scheduled effectively
E. Staff Village Lifestyle:
- Establish a Hoiana Staff Village Community Committee to monitor resident satisfaction and provide feedback for improvement to Village Management.
- Ensures a comprehensive recreation programme is in place for residents
Maintain & control gym equipments or other entertainment equipments as well as cinema room, library room, staff bar, etc.
- Other tasks assigned by VP of HR or Staff Committee.
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Training Manager

Thực tập sinh
Trên 30 triệu / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềGiáo dục - Đào tạo, Nhân sự, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
Scope of Position:
• Responsible for developing and managing the generic training and development programme for Hoiana Operations. The focus of the role is to ensure that all Hoiana team members are onboarded in a professional and timely manner and that they are conversant with generic resort information and policies.
• Promotes the Mission, Vision and Values of the Hoiana development, and ensures that all team members are conversant with our culture.
• Conduct needs analysis to identify specialized training needs that might arise within the property. Monitors and evaluates the progress, effectiveness and impact of training and development, internal communications and events, etc.
• Responsible for overseeing the operation of the Hoiana Quang Nam Tourism Vocational Training Centre in conjunction with ACT College (Arts, Culture and Tourism).
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
• Manages the day to day Operation of the Hoiana Quang Nam Tourism Vocational Training Centre (Hoiana QNTVTC). This includes working closely with Hoiana Business Partners and the Hoiana Operations recruitment team to identify future recruitment needs and plan courses accordingly.
• In conjuction with Hoiana Business Partners and the Hoiana Operations recruitment team, plan and organise enrolment days, career fairs and other promotional activities for the Hoiana QNTVTC.
• Work closely with ACT College and the Golf Operations team to manage enrolments, class scheduling and class dates and times.
• Managing the internship placement of Hoiana QNTVTC graduates with Hoiana Business Partners.
• Develops the Hoiana QNTVTC Operations budget and ensures that the Training Centre is managed within budget parameters. Works closely with Finance to ensure the timely payment of training fees to the Third-Party Training Provider and that Business Partners are invoiced and charged accordingly.
• Establishes and maintains positive relations with all local training providers.
• Plans, directs, administers, develops and facilitate all training and development efforts throughout the entire properties to include orientation, supervisory development, departmental development, skills training, recognition programs, internal communications and employee events.
• Works closely with Hoiana Business Partners to identify training needs and plan generic training activities.
• Establishes and manages and locals mentoring proramme
• Schedules and facilitates employee, supervisor and management training and development initiatives.
• Conducts needs analysis to determine specialized training needs on property.
• Trains and builds up Training committee.
• Develops activities/curriculum to enhance standardized training programs.
• Monitors and evaluates to the progress and effectiveness of training and development programs and makes recommendations for improvement.
• Designs and produces training aids (i.e. case studies, simulations, games, exercises, etc.) and support materials.
• Functions as an internal consultant to assist management in the analysis and identification of organizational issues and development.
• Provides input and assists in preparation of annual budget.
• Creates and utilizes guest feedback systems to conduct needs analysis for training programs.
• Handles all tracking and communication of property training and reporting needs.
• Provides strategic direction for the training team and proactively conveys guidelines for staff that shapes the unparalleled standards expected.
• Determines work procedures, prepares work schedules, and expedites workflow.
• Assigns duties and examines work for exactness, neatness, and conformance to policies and procedures.
• Studies and standardizes procedures to improve efficiency of team members.
• Active participant and member of the resort CSR Committee.
• Must be able to meet the attendance guidelines of the job and adhere to departmental and company policies.
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Public Relation & Communication Manager

Thực tập sinh
Trên 30 triệu / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềDu lịch, Báo chí - Truyền hình, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Quảng Nam
Job Overview: Supports the developing and implementing an ongoing media and community relations. Provides crisis communications assistance. Ensures information to the public and community is displayed correctly and effectively with the best opportunities for providing business. Implements an ongoing, focused media and community relations program.
1. Budgeting: manage annual PR budget and develop strategic public relations plan for property and its sub-brands.
2. Monitors activities of competitor hotels and trends within the industry. Inform and educate management team on these changes.
3. Creates and maintains positive, professional working environment.
1. Works collaboratively with local, regional and national resources to build awareness and increase exposure for the property and its sub-brands.
2. Solicits new media outlets and travel media individuals.
3. Selects the best opportunities for the property based on market conditions and property needs.
4. Uses creative selling abilities to obtain maximum exposure through travel journalists and media outlets.
5. Increases awareness within the travel media community as well as coordinating events to gain exposures and grow revenue in the restaurant outlets.
6. Supports the social media efforts, if applicable.
7. Works with online media outlets to promote the resort.
8. Assists in managing individual and group media visits.
9. Coordinates community service activities in concert with the public image and needs of the resort.
1 Builds and strengthens relationships with existing and new travel writers and local media to ensure future exposure. Activities include calls, entertainment, FAM trips, trade shows, etc.
2. Develops relationships within community to strengthen and expand customer base for sales opportunities and additional revenue.
3. Conducts solicitation and maintenance calls to media.
4. Cultivate and foster relationships with like-minded brands and companies to gain exposures to the property.
5. Coordinating Communication Efforts
6. Evaluates new public relations opportunities for the property.
1. Ensures consistent brand and property message is communicated in all public relations and communications efforts.
2. Copywrite press releases and other content for print media and electronic media.
1. Keeps detailed files and records on all matters relative to propertys public materials.
2. Other responsibilities as assigned by management
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Compensation & Benefits Manager

Thực tập sinh
Trên 30 triệu / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềKế toán - Kiểm toán, Nhân sự, Khách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmĐà Nẵng, Hồ Chí Minh, Quảng Nam
Scope of Position:
• To oversee compensation and benefit management for the Hoiana Operations team. This also includes managing the set up and operation of C&B related HR software, data input, and reporting.
• To establish and maintain the Hoiana salary and benefits scales for both locals and expatriates.
• To be a representative of HR Department in working with other functional managers and peers to run the HR management system properly in compliance with HR policies, practices and procedures.
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
• Carry out and manage overall provision of Human Resources operations such as compensation & benefits, HR systems, policies, and regulations from Pre-Opening period.
• Plan, direct and administer, employee benefit programs such as social & medical insurance, un- employment insurance, workmen compensation insurance, expat insurance and other plans in accordance with procedures as regulated by the insurance authorities and the Company.
• Prepare and communicate information to employees about benefit and compensation programs, procedures, changes and regulatory disclosures.
• Control and manage monthly payroll, to ensure about accuracy and smooth processing of salary counting and payment, included all items of earning & deductions.
• Ensure wage and benefits surveys are completed on an annual basis. Provide updated information about compensation & benefit benchmark upon requested.
• Manage master HR software and propose solution to improve effectiveness of the system.
• Be a representative of HR in working with the local labor authorities and HR community in relevant matters of compensation & benefit.
• Ensure all HR activities are relevant and updated with related laws such as Labor on Trade Union, PIT, Insurance, etc.
• Work with local labor authorities, divisional and regional officers on key government and community to process the regulated procedures, report and issues.
• Consult and advise any government affairs and legal issues related to labor for the company as requested.
• Uphold company’s policies, procedures, principles of responsibilities and applicable government and local laws related to labor.
• Update any new and existing regulations & laws to the supervisor, analyze the impacts and make proposal of actions.
• Assist VP of Human Resources in working with the governmental offices and legal issues.
• Other tasks assigned by VP of HR.
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