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Hoi Wah Shipping Agencies Co.,ltd – Ho Chi Minh Branch

Hoi Wah Shipping Agencies Co.,ltd – Ho Chi Minh Branch

địa chỉĐịa chỉ: Lầu 8, Tòa nhà Thiên Phước II, 110 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Phường 07, Quận 3 ,Hồ Chí Minh , Việt Nam

quy mô công tyQuy mô công ty: Từ 500 - 999 nhân viên

websiteWebsite: www.hasco.com.cn

số faxFax: Chưa cập nhật

Found in 1989, Shanghai Haihua Shippping Co., Ltd. (Hereafter abbreviated as HASCO) is a comprehensive shipping company primarily engaging in container liner service. HASCO is wholly owned by Shanghai International Port Group Co., Ltd. with registration capital of 335 million USD. In 2010, HASCO was successively reorganized, realizing the stable increase of economic efficiency and operational scale.
HASCO mainly operates Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia line service with her service including costal feeder service. At the same time, HASCO provides HDS (Hot Delivery Service) in Shanghai/Japan line service which is accurate to hour.
HASCO currently owns 17 vessels with total capacity of 11000 TEU, among which 7 vessels are operated in near ocean service, 8 vessels in coastal service and 2 vessels are leased in near ocean service ranking 8th place in the scales of domestic container fleet published by Ministry of Transportation.
Furthermore, HASCO set up 13 domestics and foreign branches and agencies engaging in logistics support service covering shipping agency, freight forwarding agency, container leasing and seaman’s labor service etc, which enables company a broader space for development and a more comprehensive competition strength.
Adhering to its consistent business philosophy, HASCO will provide customers with good-quality and convenient service and make contributions to the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center, striving to become a well-known carrier in Asia area.

Hoi Wah Shipping Agencies Co.,ltd – Ho Chi Minh Branch TUYỂN DỤNG

Inbound & Outbound Documentation 29/04/2018
mức lươngMức lương:7 - 10 triệu
chức vụChức vụ:Nhân viên
kinh nghiệmKinh nghiệm:2 - 5 năm kinh nghiệm
hình thức làm việcHình thức làm việc:Hợp đồng
yêu cầu bằng cấpYêu cầu bằng cấp:Cử nhân
yêu cầu giới tínhYêu cầu giới tính:
địa điểmĐịa điểm:Hồ Chí Minh
ngành nghềNgành nghề:Vận tải - Lái xe
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