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địa chỉ
Địa chỉ: Van Tri Golf Compound, Kim Nỗ, Đông Anh, Hanoi

quy mô công ty
Quy mô: Đang cập nhật

Mô tả công ty

Concordia may be the newest international school to Hanoi, but we bring over 150 years of educational experience to Hanoi. Concordia is part of the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod (LCMS) in the United States. The LCMS has been actively developing schools in the United States since the 1860’s and throughout Asia for the past 40 years. Concordia Hanoi is modeled after our two sister schools: Hong Kong International School, and Concordia International School – Shanghai, China. The Hanoi school concept developed out of a number of different invitations and possibilities throughout Asia. Vietnam was selected as the primary site for the next LCMS international school since the LCMS NGO, headed by Ted Engelbrecht and his staff, have been successfully working in Vietnam for the past 13 years. There is also a great need for education generally and for international education specifically in the city of Hanoi. In addition, the people within the U.S. Embassy and the business community expressed a desire for a school like HKIS and CISS to come to Hanoi: a high-quality, values-based school that could serve the foreign and American populations as well as local students. In the fall of 2006, the leaders of LCMS World Mission team visited Hanoi with Dr. Allan Schmidt and Dr. Greg Sawyer for an assessment and validation of the opportunities presented to the LCMS. A feasibility study was completed in November of 2007. The study looked at both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Strong evidence of need and opportunity pointed to Hanoi. In the spring of 2008, LCMS leaders came to Hanoi to meet with government officials. Some attended a reception for Vietnam and US government officials, educational leaders and corporate leaders in Hanoi held by U.S. Ambassador Michael W. Michalak. Over seventy people listened to Ambassador Michalak extol LCMS schools in the U.S. and abroad. The writing of many documents for the application to the government of Vietnam was in the process for the next two years. Some of the documents included were a PS-12 curriculum, a feasibility plan, a charter application, a financial plan, a temporary building plan and/or permanent location plan for the proposed school. After several revisions and adjustments, the application was accepted for review by the Hanoi government and the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. After numerous meetings, resubmissions, and clarifications, Concordia received approval to open by the Hanoi’s Peoples Committee. Concordia is excited to start a new chapter in the long history of LCMS education.

Lcms Holdings Viet Nam - Concordia Tuyển Dụng

School Secretary

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềHành chính - Văn phòng, Giáo dục - Đào tạo
địa điểmHà Nội
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
General Duties:
The position is responsible for assisting the school principal, faculty, students, and community in the leadership, coordination, supervision and management of the school.
General Tasks
Assist Principals:
● Maintain systematic method of managing documents
● Maintain records, reports, files, receipts, other supplies
● Perform general secretarial tasks, including but not limited to producing letters, reports, memorandums, etc. via the computer and/or typewriter
● Prepare required reports and paperwork such as discipline reports, suspension reports, expulsion paperwork, discrimination complaints, injury reports, and other paperwork as assigned.
● Make photocopies, files, distributes mail, etc.
● Answer telephone communications and record accurate messages
● Communicate in a positive and effective manner with staff, administration, students, parents and/or visitors
● Assist in the co-ordination and supervision of services (maids, guards, and others)
● Co-ordinate with other supporting staff to help conduct safety inspections, fire drills practice activities.
● Assist in organizing and coordinating school events
● Translate, interpret in meetings, conferences
Assist Parents:
● Communicate and meet with teachers/ school
● Communicate and update about the students at school ( sickness, attendance, registration, etc.)
● Be available to help as required
Assist teachers:
● Administrative job relating to documents, materials
● Communicate with parents
Assist students:
● Check and take care of students if there is any injuries, sickness
● Contact parents, and communicate
● Be ready to help as necessary
Perform any related work af required
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School Nurse

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềDịch vụ, Y tế - Dược
địa điểmHà Nội
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
1. Organize and supply nurse’s office.
2. Examine students who are ill and make recommendation: staying at school or calling parents for pick up. Escort to doctor as needed. Maintain student records and emergency contact numbers.
3. Administer First Aide. Facilitate First Aide training programs to faculty and staff annually or when required.
4. Facilitate annual health screening programs for students and support in health check procedure for faculty when necessary.
5. Assist Athletic Division, Physical Education and Health teachers with classes/ activities when necessary.
6. Maintain student/staff records and emergency contact numbers. Maintain confidentiality of all information data and records.
7. Advise teachers, principals, and other staff who need to know: allergies and special medical conditions of student.
8. Responsible for implementation of safety and occupational health policies and programs and documentation to ensure they meet applicable safety standards local and international regulations. Keep abreast of public health issues and issue health alerts to the student and families.
9. Promote good relationship with local health providers/ other international school nurse community.
10. Maintain effective relationship with parents, students and colleagues.
11. Coordinate with HRD to arrange health check up for teacher when needed
12. Performs other duties as requested. A modest amount of overtime required in support of the school activities/ events. The school nurse is expected to be reachable outside of school hours should emergency needs arise.
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Chinese Teaching Assistant

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềHành chính - Văn phòng, Giáo dục - Đào tạo, Biên - Phiên dịch
địa điểmHà Nội
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
The Mandarin Chinese Teaching Assistant is responsible for duties related to assisting the Mandarin Chinese Instructor in the implementation of a comprehensive Mandarin Chinese program for students through grades 1 through 12.
Working Hours: 7:30am to 3:30pm (Monday to Friday)
Occasional evening or other working hours may be required.
1. Perform a variety of basic duties to assist the teacher in planning and completing assignments in support of daily classroom program and activities.
2. Assists the Mandarin Chinese Instructor in planning, supervision, and implementation of lessons integrating the Mandarin Chinese language, Chinese culture.
3. Assists the Mandarin Chinese Instructor in utilizing appropriate teaching techniques and strategies to engage learners in developing each level’s Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational communication skills in Mandarin Chinese.
4. Monitor and reinforce appropriate student behavior during various in class activities during lesson time.
5. Assists the Mandarin Chinese Instructor in documenting student achievement of lesson and program objectives.
6. Assists the Mandarin Chinese Instructor in maintaining accurate records of student attendance and learning progress.
7. Perform other related duties as required.
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Transportation Coordinator

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềDịch vụ, Giáo dục - Đào tạo, Vận tải - Lái xe
địa điểmHà Nội
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
Job Summary:
To monitor all of transportation services for Concordia International School Hanoi that are provided to students, staff, faculty, and administrative team
Reports to: Director of Operations
Scope of Service:
● Work with the bussing company to set up and design all bus routes to and from school for students and staff
● Work with all bus drivers to ensure appropriate behaviors and rules of the road are followed to ensure the safety of all students
● Work with bus monitors to ensure students are picked up and dropped at the scheduled times and students are taken care of safely while on the bus
● Set up special bussing schedules for:
○ Sports practices and games
○ After School Activities
○ Model United Nations
○ Drama practice
○ Special school wide events
○ Teacher professional development and workshops
○ Student club events
○ Any and all special events where transportation is needed
● Manage the Head of School’s car to ensure schedules are followed and he has priority of the car accordingly
Work with administrators, teachers, staff and parents:
● Be available (parents and staff) for consultations related to any transportation problems with the ability to use multiple forms of technology emails, texting, and phone calls
● Work with bussing staff to prevent potential problems and to resolve issues when a Concordia family has one
Provide leadership:
● Continuously analyze the bussing routes to maximize efficiency while making sure to watch all expenses
● Offer training opportunities for our bus monitors to better understand Concordia’s expectations in taking care of our students
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Teaching Assistant

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềGiáo dục - Đào tạo, Biên - Phiên dịch
địa điểmHà Nội
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
Teaching assistants should be good at instructing, assisting and caring for young children. Organizational, communication and problem-solving skills are also essential. Assistants should be able to think creatively, make good decisions and communicate effectively with others. In addition to having strong leadership skills, they should also be skilled at taking direction and working as part of a team.
• Assist in providing individual and small-group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of pupils intellectual abilities.
• Assist in establishing and maintaining standards of student behavior.
• Prepare instructional materials; read to students.
• Assist the classroom teacher in creating an environment that is conducive to learning
and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students.
• Help plan daily and long-range lessons and classroom activities.
• Provide escort and assistance to children as necessary.
• Check student work for compliance with teachers instructions.
• Help maintain individual records for each student.
• Collect and display suitable material for educational displays; prepare displays; decorate classroom.
• Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.
• Help maintain order in the classroom; monitor students to keep them on task.
• Perform a variety of office assistant tasks such as photocopying, laminating, cutting, pasting, etc. as required.
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Purchasing Officer

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềLuật - Pháp lý, Vận tải - Lái xe, Vật tư - Thiết bị
địa điểmHà Nội
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
• Thực hiện hoạt động mua hàng hóa, dịch vụ phục vụ các phòng ban trong công ty
• Lập kế hoạch mua hàng và Thực hiện hoạt động mua hàng hóa dịch vụ đáp ứng yêu cầu của các Phòng ban liên quan
• Tìm kiếm nhà cung cấp, đàm phán với Nhà cung cấp để đạt được mức giá tốt, thỏa mãn yêu cầu về chất lượng, thời gian giao hàng
• Kiểm tra hợp đồng mua bán (đơn giá, phương thức thanh toán, điều khoản phạt, đền bù hợp đồng,…) và bảo lãnh ngân hàng (nếu có)
• Theo dõi và xử lý các vấn đề phát sinh trong quá trình thực hiện hợp đồng.
• Hỗ trợ phòng ban liên quan trong việc thúc đẩy nhà cung cấp giao hàng đúng thời hạn
• Hỗ trợ nhà cung cấp xử lý các vấn đề thanh toán
• Khiếu nại nhà cung cấp khi có phát sinh liên quan đến thời gian giao hàng, chất lượng hàng hóa và thủ tục thanh toán
• Phối hợp cùng forwarder để hoàn tất thủ tục khai báo hải quan
• Chịu trách nhiệm làm việc với nhà cung cấp để chuẩn bị cho các chương trình của công ty
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