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viet thai international

Viet Thai International

địa chỉĐịa chỉ: 135/37/50 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Quận Bình Thạnh , Hồ Chí Minh , Việt Nam

quy mô công tyQuy mô công ty: Từ 1000 - 3000 nhân viên

websiteWebsite: http://www.vticareers.com

Mô tả công ty

Viet Thai International JSC (VTI) was established in 1998 and today has grown to one of the largest consumer marketing and multi-unit retail operators in Vietnam.

The Company’s vision is to play a significant part in improving the quality of life for Vietnam’s rising middle class.

Over the past decade, VTI has been instrumental in shaping the country’s modern retail and branding environment. This is through a portfolio of Company-owned brands such as Highlands Coffee, Pho 24. Additionally, VTI represents leading international brands including Hard Rock Cafe, Swarovski, , ALDO Shoes & Accessories...

Tin tuyển dụng của Viet Thai International

Qc Staff For Highlands Coffee

Nhân viên
Thỏa thuận / tháng
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpCao đẳng trở lên
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềKhách sạn - Nhà hàng
địa điểmHồ Chí Minh

1. Supervise the quality of Highlands coffee system
- Audit the quality of the stores from input of material to output of the end products, concentrate on Food Safety & Hygiene.

- Evaluate the result of quality basing on the QSMS procedure & From

- Propose and carry out solutions for problem solving at the store

- Ensure the stores safety which were solved promptly and completely basing on SOPs

2. R&D of new coffee & beverages
- Support to develop and implement for new coffee drinks& beverage at the stores

3. Customers Service for the quality of Highlands Coffee stores
- Support to solve the customer complaints

4. Provide leadership Food safety hygiene in the store

5. Establish efficient and the QC procedures for the whole system of HC stores, including inventory, food safety &hygiene, cleanliness

6. Deploy, perform, monitor & audit for the QC database of HC stores form inputs of materials to outputs of end – products
7. Control respect of company policies & procedures and in compliance with VN regulations, standard.
8. Ensure the stores safety which were solved promptly and completely basing on SOPs
9. Emphasize service excellence: Propose the solutions for problem solving of the product quality.

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