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IT Officer - Micro Finance Unit

world vision vietnam

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Tỉnh thành tuyển dụng: Hà Nội

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Mức lương: Thỏa thuận

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Mô tả công việc

As per WV Vietnam strategy, micro finance is managed as one of its initiatives. In other word, it is part of WV Vietnam and not as a separate entity like in other countries. .
Micro Finance program’s mission is to foster improvement in the quality of life among the clients in Vietnam by assisting the economically active poor and graduating the moderate and poorest of the poor into entrepreneurial skills. This will be accomplished through a sustainable Micro Finance program that provides access to loans, savings and insurance within program areas. All aspects of the services that MF program delivers are built to lead the development of appropriate models, capacities and systems for Micro enterprise development in Vietnam, resulting in sustainable economic development as part of WVI transformational development ministry throughout target communities.
MF Program is structured in two management levels: central office in Hanoi and branch office at district and/ or provincial level. All direct transactions with clients including clients screening, loan processing and loan collection are carried out at communities’ level through a network of local staff.
At present, MF Program is operation in 9 districts mainly in the north and central of Vietnam.
• To support MF Program to establish standards for the Management Information System (MIS) (currently loan tracking system) of the program in line with the Vision Fund International (VFI) Standards and to administer & maintain the MIS as well.
• To ensure the effective functioning of the IT system that facilitates MF Program operation.
- Clear understanding of design mechanism and software running to install, set up, redesign and fix technical problem if there is any incurred.
- The storage size needed for the software, MF Program Data files and number of backup-tape are prepared and forecasted in a timely manner.
- Server and MF Program’s MIS is ensured to be maintained regularly (Files Resizing)
- The management and information security at branch level is ensured by supporting equipment suggested.
- Technical suggestion/ recommendations are provided to MF Program Management Team when testing the new software, ensuring the compliance with MF Program’s practice.
- MF Program MIS is set up in Head office and all branches.
- Software training and support is conducted and provided to the users within MF Program.
- The accuracy, timely and consistence of all loan portfolio information is ensured by closely working with Operation team/ Branch staff.
- Portfolio data & information is ensured to be uploaded and all reports to be made on time.
- MIS data is backed up regularly. The implementation of disaster recovery plan / procedures for branches is developed and facilitated.
- Effective assistance is provided to MF program management team to revise and improve the current reporting system.
- Provide support and assistance in responding to IT/MIS related audit findings and help in closing audit exceptions.
- Connection and integration with IT – WVV, VFI-APRO & Global Team is well maintained and developed.
- Effective assistance is provided to IT WVV in resolving technical issues (both hardware and software) as well as closely monitoring the compliance with IT policies of staff at the fields
- To support in resolve IT issues from branches via Service Now system.
- Be responsible as a Project Coordinator when the new Loan tracking system is developed.
- Any other tasks that may be assigned by the Supervisor.
- Perform business requirements gathering and conduct gap analysis.
- Provide support to SMT in the selection process of loan tracking vendor/provider.
- In the absence of the project manager, provide oversight and management of the installation and migration of loan tracking system.
- In charge of managing the implementation in order to produce the required business functionality within the budgeted time and cost.
- Conduct orientation, and supervise the user acceptance test team;
- Lead the development of new operations and finance procedures including, but not limited to, user and policy manuals.
- Responsible in coordinating with other service providers e.g. software vendors, suppliers, etc.;
- Regular update to Management team and VFI Regional Programme Manager on the implementation of the project.
- Build up IT capacity for all MFU staff, ensuring they can use the system effectively.
- Ensure that MFU staff adheres to information security standards and procedures by constant updating and follow up.
- Participate in MFI/ IT forum/ workshop where applicable.
- Maintain a positive working relationship with all staff, providing clear written and verbal communication to management and the global organization.
- Day-to-day behaviour and attitudes, which exemplify WVV / MF Program’s Mission, Core Values, Christian identity, the organizational culture and encourage others to follow, are demonstrated.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor degree in Computer Science/ Information Technology or related fields;
- In-depth understanding in Windows; MS Office; TCP/IP Configuration
- Knowledge in Micro Finance;
- Good communication and interpersonal skill with ability to communicate complex technical details in clear and concise manner;
- Be committed to work with the poor and have customer service oriented mindset;
- Good spoken and written English skills;
- Good computer skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email;

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Premium health care
- 15 day annual leave
- Training Opportunities
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