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People and Culture Officer (Human Resource Officer)

world vision international vietnam

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Mô tả công việc

• To undertake all P&C functions for the assigned zone including Recruitment, Employment/ Employee Relations, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Staff Care and Employee Engagement and P&C Information Management with minimum supervision and support from P&C Director
• To support PnC Director in deploying innovative ways and resources to attract committed and competent candidates, develop bench strength and retain committed talents.
1. Recruitment
• Facilitate the multi-year and annual workforce planning to understand current and future staffing needs in alignment with strategic directions and operating plans, then define appropriate recruitment, retention and downsizing strategies.
• Facilitate the standard recruitment processes (including reviewing JDs/TOR; advertising vacancies on different channels including social media and professional networks; screening; shortlisting; interviewing using competency based behavioral and situational interviewing techniques, preparing written test and organizing fieldtrip with job shadowing assignments; checking references; proposing job offer and preparing employment contracts) in an effective, timely, fair and transparent manner to select qualified candidate for the job. • The average time to fill a vacancy meet the target of PnC team (less than 45 working days).
• No position is vacant for more than 90 working days.
• New hires stay with WVV for at least 24 months and perform at “Valued Achievement” level.
2. Employment and Employee Relations
• Coordinate onboarding/ orientation process for new hires and ensure all the new hires have good understanding of and subscribe to WVV’s ethos, core values; understand WV’s approaches, policies, procedures, strategies and operations to perform their job.
• Facilitate separation process in compliance with WV’s Policies, procedures and labor law.
• Facilitate staffing changes (promotion, new appointment, relocation, additional responsibility, secondment, etc.) in consultation with relevant line manager and technical staff.
• Update all staff changes in the assigned zone to relevant partners including Social Insurance Department, Personal Health and Accident Insurance Provider and Labor Management Agency in an accurate and timely manner.
• Administer Personal Income Tax, insurance claims and other benefits (absences, health check-up, etc.) for staff in the assigned zone in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and HR policies
• Handle staff grievances and disciplinary action processes in consultation with the P&C Director and line managers following Vietnam Labor Law, HR policy of WVV and WV principles on Employee Relations • HR professionalism and high standards are perceived and felt by the staff and line managers.
• Staff demonstrate attitude and behaviors consistent to WV core values.
3. Performance Management
• Provide ongoing support to line managers and individual staff to implement the Partnering for Performance (WV’s performance management approach and process) for all staff.
This includes providing ongoing coaching and support to line managers and individual staff to ensure that performance and development goals are SMART, contributing to team objectives and WVV’s Strategic Implementation Plans.
• Support the development of individual development plans in collaboration with line managers and employees.
• Equip line managers with relevant skills to inspire high performance, support career development and address poor performance in a timely and professional manners.
• Recognize staff for their additional efforts/ contribution and outstanding performance in a timely and appropriate manner. • A performance culture is further strengthened, where high performance is recognized and poor performance is addressed in a timely and decisive manner.
• Staff are provided with learning and development opportunities to fill their competency gaps and develop their career with WVV.
• High ROI on staff development.
4. Staff Care and Employee Engagement
• In collaboration with line managers, create and maintain a conducive working environment where staff enjoy wellbeing as well as are highly motivated to make valuable contribution to the organization.
• Administer the engagement survey (Our Voice Survey) to get feedback from staff on the organizational and staff wellbeing and implement and/or coordinate follow-up actions to improve the result for the assigned zone
• Support line managers in change communication, identification of Innovators and Early adaptors for change, and in motivating and implementing the change.
• Coordinate spiritual nurture activities for the assigned zone as appropriate to the context of Vietnam. • A well and engaged workforce which is committed to WV’s mission and values, willing to give extra efforts and embrace changes.
5. PnC Information Management
• Record all employee information and recruitment processes on Our People in a timely and accurate manner.
• Generate queries, analyses and use data on Our People to inform PnC related recommendations/ decisions.
• Record all employee information properly in hard and soft copies, including personal documents, contracts and appendices, policies sign-off, performance and training records, etc.
• Prepare P&C monthly reports, payroll and other updates in a timely and accurate manner.
• Provide statistics of the assigned zone as required • Employee data on Our People are accurate and up-to-date to support other systems such as Horizon 3.0, GEMS, LDR approval, etc.
• PnC statistics and analysis are available to inform decisions.
• Records are in place to prove that all PnC processes/ procedures are transparent and in compliance with relevant policies and laws.
6. Leadership Development and Succession Planning
• Assess and identify competency gaps against competency frameworks for key roles.
• Provide coaching/ support and tools to line managers to conduct talent review, identify second liners for key roles, develop/ update their talent profiles, conduct career conversations and facilitate their career development
• Support the PnC Director in developing and delivering learning and development activities that help close employees competency and skill gaps as identified in IDP and talent profiles.
• Use all available resources (in house trainers, WVI regional office’s programs, WVI online learning, consultancy, etc.) using blended learning approach including Webinar, simulation, coaching, mentoring, etc. to support the development of leaders and potential successors.
• Track learning application and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of learning and development activities/ activities to justify the ROI.
• Bench strengths are in place. All line managers are well equipped and able to inspire high performance by his her leadership style and manage and lead the changes effectively
• Potential successors are identified and developed for key roles.

Yêu cầu công việc

(The following knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training.)
- A bachelor degree in a relevant field.
- Degree in Human Resource Management
Knowledge & Skills
- Good knowledge and understanding of HR functions such as recruitment, employee employment/relations, performance management, employee engagement, learning and development, etc.
- Thorough understanding of Vietnamese labour law and practices
- Good understanding about humanitarian industry, WVV’s operation and its programs.
- Ability and skills to support the development of staff and leaders to meet and exceed the competencies required to achieve organizational goals and objectives.
- Good interpersonal skills.
- Good written and spoken communications skills in English and Vietnamese.
- Well-organized work style including sound process management skills.
- Demonstrated judgment and discernment skills, maturity and the ability to maintain strict confidentiality of staff and organizational records.
- Ability to coach, mentor and manage staff’s performance
- Willing to support the philosophy, purpose and values of WV in its work with the poor in Vietnam.
- A minimum of 3 years relevant working experience.
- Working in a NGO or International Company is a plus

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Tháng lương thứ 13
- 15 ngày nghỉ phép hàng năm + 6 ngày nghỉ ốm + 2 ngày gia đình
- Cơ hội đào tạo, học tập và phát triển trong môi trường quốc tế

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