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Sales Development Manager

acs trading vietnam co., ltd.

Lượt xem: 233 | Ngày cập nhật: 12/12/2018 (4 năm trước)

Tỉnh thành tuyển dụng: Hà Nội

Mức lương: Trên 30 triệu

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: Đã hết hạn nộp hồ sơ

Thông tin

- Chức vụ: Thực tập sinh

- Kinh nghiệm: Không yêu cầu

- Hình thức làm việc: Toàn thời gian cố định

- Yêu cầu bằng cấp: Không yêu cầu

- Yêu cầu giới tính: Không yêu cầu

- Số lượng cần tuyển: 0 ứng viên

- Ngành nghề: Marketing - PR Việc làm bán hàng

Mô tả công việc

- As a Sales Manager, you will manage and oversee the profitability of your business by developing long-term and short-term sales goals and manage selling cost. You will in charge of preparing yearly budget, as well as strategies to achieve business objectives. Your responsibility including define key dealers or partners and develop new markets.
- Working closely with the marketing team to approach customers and understand the performance of the dealers and accounts as well as understand market trends of the business and competitors.
- You will lead a big sales team, ensure that your sales teams are motivated and focused on the company’s strategic goals. Working with functional departments to set up or revise sales policies including selling policy, selling tools, sales call management. Besides that, you will cooperate with HR department in recruiting and training and developing team’s members.
- Develop new products and new dealers including negotiate with potential dealers, deal schemes, corporation contract, marketing program…
- Support to SMD for PR activities: prepare POSM (leaflet, standee, gifts…), prepare for exhibitions (agriculture exhibition), seminar.
- In charge of development and follow up new business models base on BODs scheduling & monitoring results, updating & reporting to head quarter.
- Attending seminars, exhibitions to find more potential partners & PR for ACS services.
- Prepare contents to PR for ACS, on website, on POSM.
- Organize meetings across departments for new business development related matters/issues.
- Participating in training courses which enhance knowledge related to business development, and current job duty.

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelors Degree in related fields
- Computer proficiency and software support for training
- The ideal candidate has an excellent sales track record as well as effective sales, planning, strong leadership and people management experience within the FMCG industry and or financial field.
- Furthermore, you will possess:
Good business acumen
A dynamic personality
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Fluency on English (4 skills)

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Tháng lương thứ 13, bảo hiểm 24 giờ
- 12 ngày

Hình ảnh

Nộp hồ sơ Lưu công việc Phản ánh NTD So sánh lương
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