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WVV Livelihoods Technical Programme Manager

world vision vietnam

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Mô tả công việc

In alignment with the three ministry strategic objectives World Vision Vietnam implements three Technical Programs (TPs): Child Protection, Nutrition and Livelihoods. Technical Programmes are national or sub-regional level programmes implemented by World Vision in multiple geographic locations within a country. They employ evidence-based practices and models previously identified, defined and prioritised through a strategic process and documented in a Technical Approach (TA). TPs are designed to ensure National Offices (NOs) achieve World Vision’s mission, which includes the highest impact for the well-being of children, in accordance with relevant TA and NO strategic objectives.
The Livelihoods Technical Programme Manager directly reports to Program Quality and Resource Development (PQRD) Department Director and has dotted line to the Operations Director. The PQRD department consists of a Program Effectiveness Unit, Grant Acquisition and Management (GAM) Unit, A Technical Services Unit (in line with the three Ministry Strategic Objectives) and HEA/DRR Unit.
- This position provides leadership and oversight of the adaptation and implementation of the Livelihoods technical programme. This role has a strong focus on strengthening World Vision Vietnam’s influence and evidence based Livelihoods programming.
I. Strategic Guidance and Leadership
• Provide strong and positive leadership for the Livelihoods Technical Programme
• Lead the revision of Technical Approaches based on changes in Partnership and National Strategies, changes in the context, government’s directions as well as learnings from implementation of TPs
• Provide line and matrix management to technical team members, ensuring compliance with WVV’s People and Culture processes.
• Support professional and personal development of Technical staff to deliver job requirements including capacity building for Livelihoods Specialists and zonal TP Officers
• Coordinate with related department(s) to ensure that the Livelihoods Strategic Objective is effectively achieved.
• Ensure competent and motivated staff are hired and retained, and high-performers identified and nurtured.
• Create and maintain effective relationships with key internal and external stakeholders and partners • TA draws from evidence-based good practices, contributes towards National Strategy and reflects learning from TP implementation
• Impact of TP at local and national levels is maximised by effective leadership
• Technical staff are competent, engaged and performing consistently to standards
• Suitable opportunities for research are analysed to enhance World Vision’s understanding of issues and draw national and international attention to key areas of injustice within World Vision’s areas of operation.
II. TP Design and Adaptation
• Lead a collaborative process of TP adaptation into AP level in close coordination with Area Programmes (AP), other NO staff as well as Funding Offices.
• In programmes funded by sponsorship, work closely with the Sponsorship Manager to ensure that appropriate aspects of sponsorship are integrated in programming and that the needs of RC are taken into consideration in the plans of the Livelihoods TP
• With Area Programme and other NO staff, ensure effective consultations with communities, partners and donors in the adaptation and refinement of Livelihoods TP at AP level based on evidence and learning from TP implementation • Ownership of TPs is shared
• Standardized indicators are available for AP monitoring
III. Implementation of TP level activities 15%
• Manage relationships with strategic partners at national and provincial levels to ensure that efforts align and multiply positive impact
• Directly implement and coordinate the national level advocacy for the Livelihoods TP to influence policies and practices
• Ensure local to national level advocacy linkages are clear, and that information/data from local level is utilised for national policy influence
• Ensure the local level advocacy components of the Livelihoods TP are implemented (through APs and through WV staff that are assigned to link with Provincial government).
• Manage the national level activities and budget of the TP
• With HEA/DRR Manager, maintains situation awareness of potential Livelihoods emergencies and ensures readiness for sector response.
• Impact of TP on the Child Well Being Objectives is sustainable
• World Vision external influence in Livelihoods programming is enhanced
• Livelihoods TP is implemented in accordance with the approved design
• Livelihoods TP budget is managed within defined parameter
I. Cross Cutting Themes
Lead the mainstreaming of all cross cutting themes: Gender/Disability/DRR/Faith and Development.
II. Technical Guidance and Quality Assurance
• Collaborate with and support AP staff to implement TP within the local context, including ensuring DPA is applied in APs
• Manage scope and requirements of the technical programme, to ensure programme is implemented within the agreed design and adequate budget and meeting the TP quality standards
• Track the financial utilisation of the TP along with AP managers and the Operations director and ensure proper and timely funding utilisation
• Identify and manage risks and issues and ensure quality implementation following Livelihoods TP and Advocacy quality standards or project model quality standards
III. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
• Work closely with PEU Manager, assigned PEU Specialist and AP managers to coordinate the TP baseline and evaluation process
• Together with PEU, ensure that a strong M&E system is in place for the Livelihoods TP and that learnings are documented and applied and used to improve further the TP, and by stakeholders for advocacy, marketing and resource acquisition.
• Ensure standardized outcome monitoring indicators for Livelihoods TP are measured across all implementing APs
• Work collaboratively with PEU Manager and AP Managers to assess implications and actions based on data from Horizon
• Collate, analyse and use Livelihoods TP monitoring data for standardised indicators and communicate to key stakeholders
• Contribute to NO Child Well-Being (CWB) reporting by providing input on Livelihoods TP-related strategic objective progress
• Work with PEU to ensure that lessons learnt from WV and other stakeholders are adequately incorporated into programming as well as Livelihoods TP re-design and strategy revision
• Participate in relevant community of practice to share lessons learnt, good practice and bring in new learning to improve Livelihoods TP and Advocacy implementation.
• Produce TP Progress Reports, based on AP reports and progress, in line with WV International LEAP reporting requirements
IV. Resource Acquisition
• Contribute to the development of Livelihoods TP funding strategy and ensure the TP is funded from diverse sources.
• Preposition the NO for grants in Livelihoods sector, working with national office GAM team
• Mapping of donors; understand donor expectations, technical priorities, key strategic approaches
• Map potential partners with strengths that would be complementary to World Vision in filling gaps in a Livelihoods grant opportunity
• Prepare detailed Livelihoods capability statement at National Office level
• Together with GAM, track Livelihoods specific opportunities and make appropriate partnering arrangements. Join in go/no-go decision processes
• Upon certain request from GAM Manager, lead on grant proposals as coordinator of writing team, or grant design, technical design workshop
• Develop concept papers and proposals on Livelihoods for fund raising, marketing with SOs

Yêu cầu công việc

- Bachelor degree in the relevant field, master degree is preferred
- Master degree
Knowledge & Skills
- A deep knowledge of the Livelihoods issues that affect Vietnam, with significant Livelihoods experience in the country
- Knowledge and skills in health data management/monitoring & evaluation
- Excellent interpersonal, organizational, time management, demonstrated leadership and good management ability
- Knowledge of development work, including program logic, theory of change, and community empowerment
- Good understanding of Vietnamese Government policies, laws, and institutions and ability to work together with various stakeholders
- Strong understanding of public policy, government decision-making, and operations of lobbying networks required to affect change in communities.
- Strong negotiation, problem solving, liaison, and networking skills.
- Strong People Management and Leadership Skills
- Strong Livelihoods technical expertise
- Proven project management skills, including financial management and DME
- Excellent verbal and written communications skills in English and Vietnamese
- Strong problem solving and decision making skills
- Strong skills in data analysis, research and report writing
- Integrity, honesty, and accountability to both the team and the community
- Understanding of and commitment to World Vision Core Values
- At least five years’ experience in the Livelihoods technical area
- At least three years of leadership experience (matrix management experience is highly preferred)
- Prior project management experience of NGO funded projects
- Experience networking with a range of donors, multi-lateral, and government bodies;
- Experience in proposal writing for government grants from donors such as USAID, DFAT, DFID, JICA and EU.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Health insurance
- Competitive salary and benefit
- Learning & develop in international organization

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