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WVV AP Coordinator - Van Chan, Yen Bai

world vision vietnam

Lượt xem: 437 | Ngày cập nhật: 25/08/2018 (3 năm trước)

Tỉnh thành tuyển dụng: Yên Bái

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Mô tả công việc

World Vision International – Vietnam (WVV) invites competent candidates for the following position: 01 AP Coordinator
Regular work base: Van Chan, Yen Bai.
Interested candidates are invited to apply ONLINE via WORLD VISION VIETNAMS WEBSITE BY 30 September 2018 –
WVV’s Area Programs (AP) focus within one administrative district of a province which usually populated by ethnic minority people with very high rates of poverty. APs are mainly funded by sponsorship funds, and are a phased approach to development, involving clear and consistent assessment, design, implementation, reporting, monitoring and evaluation and reflection phases. Each AP is tailored to the needs of a specific community in alignment with WVV’s strategic priorities. WVV works closely with district and commune local authorities and local partners to implement program activities. A uniqueness of WVV’s AP approach and structure is that team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis.
Under each AP, there will be 6-8 staff, including one AP manager, one Sponsorship Facilitator, one Finance Officer/Bookkeeper, one AP Coordinator and 2-4 Development Facilitators (DFs) who are in charge of the management of all projects (assessment & planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and transition), and community engagement for the assigned communes/wards in their AP. For each zone (6-8 APs), there are 4 Zonal technical staff, including three Technical Program Officers (Nutrition, Child Protection, Livelihoods) and one Zonal Program Effectiveness Officer. DFs will be coached by the AP manager programmatically and the Zonal staff technically. One of the strengths of this structure is to allow better integration of the program toward Child Well Being Outcomes.
To serve as a catalyst, partnership broker, and builder of the capacity of local partners, facilitating the development process toward the improved and sustained well-being of children within their families and community, especially the most vulnerable children.
To manage the technical projects in assigned communes.
1. Community Engagement and Sponsorship (Time Spent: 50%)
Facilitate partnering/ networking with and connections among different local stakeholders (formal and informal community groups, businesses, NGOs and local government agencies, etc.) to mobilize resources for the well-being of children.
Raise awareness of local partners and community in assigned commune on WV’s Christian identity and values, child focused and community based development approach.
Facilitate capacity building for communities and local partners in AP planning and annual community review and planning.
Facilitate AP planning activities at the assigned communes.
Facilitate annual community review and planning at the assigned communes.
Support communities and partners to develop and implement the community-based disaster preparedness plans.
Facilitate capacity building for communities and local partners in the assigned communes in shared monitoring.
Facilitate shared monitoring activities and reports.
Facilitate refection meetings with participation of communities.
Facilitate annual program effectiveness/ PAF self-review and community based groups self-review.
Child participation and protection:
Strengthen child clubs and children led community initiatives.
Promote the use of child friendly tools such as photo voice, body map, river of life to increase child participation and voice in the community.
Strengthen child protection committees in the assigned communes.
MVC inclusion:
Facilitate capacity building for communities and local partners in MVC mapping.
Facilitate the process of MVC mapping and updates.
Utilize MVC mapping results for program planning and support – to make sure MVC are included and best benefiting from technical project interventions/ models.
Document best practices, lesion learnt and MSC (Most Significant Change) stories of MVC and their families.
Micro projects:
Strengthen community based groups in the assigned communes and build capacity for them in micro projects planning.
Identify and engage communities and partners in micro projects.
Facilitate the community based groups in development and implementation of micro projects.
Facilitate community based groups in monitoring and reporting of micro projects.
Sponsorship integration:
Include RC in project activities and monitor participation and benefits of RC and their families.
Coordinate the child registration and well-being monitoring of children, including RC in assigned communes, as per sponsorship standards through the SR volunteer network.
2. Program Management in assigned communes (Time spent: 50%)
Implementation of Technical Models
Work closely with TPOs to introduce and build capacity for local partners on technical project models, guidelines, tools .
Facilitate the implementation of technical models in alignment with the standard guidelines (cost norms) and tools .
Work closely with TPO and technical local partners to facilitate the supportive supervision process in assigned communes to ensure technical quality of the project models.
Mainstream CCT (CPPa, gender, disability, DRR, Faith and Development) in all project activities whenever appropriate.
Document best practices and advocate for the replication of technical project models to larger scale.
Monitor and report (ITT and narrative) on the progress of Technical Projects (monthly, semi-annually, annually).
Facilitate communities and partners to participate in the baseline survey and evaluation in assigned communes.
Financial Management
Manage resources with integrity and stewardship, in compliance with WVV’s financial policies and procedures.
Coordinate procurement and strategic sourcing in assigned communes.

Yêu cầu công việc

1.Education: Bachelor degree, preferably in education, public health, community development, social work.
2.Knowledge & Skills:
Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes.
Basic knowledge and understanding of key aspects of development work; including child protection, nutrition /health, livelihoods, resilience, advocacy, cross-cutting themes (e.g. gender, environment, disability, child participation).
Demonstrated capacity in project management, with conceptual understanding and required competency in DME functions (e.g. Facilitate monitoring processes with partners and community, analyze and interpret monitoring data).
Skills in facilitation of development processes, including organisation, mobilisation and influence of partners (especially at commune level) and partnering among different development partners.
Strong interpersonal skills and well-developed written and oral communications skills in Vietnamese.
Ability to think critically and reflect.
Ability to lead own learning and development
Fair English skill.
Solid computer skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email.
At least 2 years of work experience in community development.
Experience in program implementation, community mobilization and participatory approach.
Experience in working with local stakeholders/partners.
Experience of working with children and ethnic minorities.
4.Work Environment:
Based at district level
Working in team environment and under minimum supervision
We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.
A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

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