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Project Engineering And Quality Manager

castrol bp petco

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Mô tả công việc

The Project Engineering & Quality Manager provides both engineering leadership to the initial design and development of the project and engineering assurance to BP during the FEED, detailed design, construction and commissioning phases of the project. This position represents BP’s engineering requirements and works to manage the development of the design to those specifications. The Engineering & Quality Manager additionally owns and drives the PHSSER process and emergent actions from this process. The Engineering & Quality Manager is accountable for quality aspects of project management to ensure the project is executed in good quality (in line with lubricants Core Standards and Quality Standards Requirement), in time and within budget. The role will be responsible for the project quality assurance processes, systems and stake holder engagement throughout the life cycle of the project. Finally, the Engineering & Quality Manager is the main interface between BP and the conceptual design, FEED and detailed design contractors for engineering development work and its quality. The Engineering & Quality Manager also acts as the primary focus in ensuring that the design is constructed, tested and verified as per its original intent and in line with the Project Statement of Requirements and Basis of Design.
WORK SITE: Nha Be Plant - HCMC
JOB TYPE: Official, 24-month contracted, Full Time
The role is responsible for ensuring design completion through the conceptual, FEED, detailed and field design
(construction) phases of the project. The role will also be the single point of contact for design questions from design contractors, technology vendors and constructors, reviewing and answering technical queries. The Engineering & Quality Manager ensures the development and delivery of a safe, reliable, technically advanced design that meets the long term needs of the business. These objectives must be met without any safety incidents during the design, construction or commissioning of the assets. The role is also responsible for implementing the Downstream Quality Management Guide on the VNFR Project in a practical and pragmatic manner to support successful project delivery. To successfully deliver CASTROL BP PETCO LTD. this result, the Engineering & Quality Manager is accountable for:
- Delivery of the Project in accordance with BP HSSE and ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant
statutory requirements including:
+ Delivery of the Project safely, on time, on budget and with fit-for-purpose quality.
+ Foster good working relationships with the New Entity Operations team, ensuring the Operation Team is
adequately prepared and set up for success for the eventual ownership of the assets.
+ Develop and mentor engineers on the team.
+ Ensure lessons learned are captured and incorporated into other projects as appropriate and in a timely
- Implementation of the Downstream Quality Management Guide for all CVP stages of VNFR Project.
- Ownership of the PHSSER process including the timely preparation of all process safety deliverables, including
HAZOPs, LOPAs, PHSSERs, etc. as appropriate. Management of subsequent actions arising from these reviews.
- Ownership and delivery of the requirements highlighted in the Engineering and Technology section of Pcp (v4).
- Ownership and delivery of the requirements highlighted in the Quality section of Pcp (v4) for all CVP stages.
- Ensuring the relevant lessons learned from other similar projects are used and that lessons learned during the
project are recorded and shared with other projects.
- Verifying the processes for determining engineering competence of personnel, contractors, consultants and
vendors are in place and adequate for the scope and nature of the Project.
- Verifying that a MoC procedure is in place and being used as intended.
- Ensuring that the appropriate personnel are involved in the relevant reviews and at the correct time in the project
cycle (e.g. HAZID, MAR, ISD, HAZOP, PHSSER, and other technical reviews).
- Development and delivery of all engineering objectives for VNFR Project.
- Ensuring that engineering design outputs are tested and verified at an appropriate, risk based level, and meet BP’s
requirements as per the Basis of Design as well as industry, Vietnamese and other agreed standards.
- Ensuring that detailed design is correctly implemented during construction and testing.
- Leading and managing technical integrity, and for ensuring processes and systems are in place for the
identification and management of engineering risk.
- Identifying engineering gaps and areas for specialist support and ensuring that Technical Authorities and
Lead/Discipline Engineers are available to support the Engineering Team.
- Ensuring that the appropriate regulations and industry standards are considered and adhered to throughout
project development and delivery.
- Ensuring that the relevant Engineering Documentation is consistently completed and then compiled into
designated folders and transferred to the new operating entity in a timely manner.
- Leading the preparation of fit-for-purpose Project specifications (and audit subsequent adherence to) these
- Providing overall engineering assurance during plant construction, pre-commissioning and start-up.
- Development, implementation and management of a Quality Management Structure, Project Quality Management
Plans and Functional/Equipment Quality Management Plans that support delivery of the project is a safe and
sustainable manner.
- Delivery of the engineering, procurement, vendor and constructor quality objectives for the project which are to be
aligned to the detailed design and agreed equipment criticality ratings.
- Ensuring that the quality of engineering deliverables and designs (from both the engineering contractors, vendors
and contractors) are audited and tested against specified Industry, National and BP Standards and Specifications
to test compliance and long term functionality.
- Ensuring that QA/QC requirements are captured in procurement activities including tendering, tender evaluation
and final contract placement.
- Ensuring that all contractors, vendors and goods suppliers meet their contracted QA/QC requirement through the
establishment of risk based auditing and assurance processes that identify and address defects in a transparent
Key challenges of the role:
The Engineering & Quality Manager acts as first point of contact to ensure that engineering and design contractor
personnel are suitably skilled and capable. The Engineering & Quality Manager is responsible for guiding and monitoring the engineering an and Quality Management Plan and other core project documentation.
The Engineering & Quality Manager shall be required to establish strong working relationships with design contractors, vendors and stakeholders to positively impact engineering development and delivery and its quality control and assurance.
In addition, the Engineering & Quality Manager has a role to ensure that BP’s expectations regarding its values,
behaviours and code of conduct and engineering integrity are met consistently throughout project development and delivery.
It is essential that the Engineering Manager can effectively manage the following activities:
- To understand and stay focused on priorities but remain flexible whilst delivering a challenging project.
- To manage formal and informal teams and external parties; relationship management is critically important.
- Manage BP staff to achieve the project goals.
The role is responsible for reviewing and recommending the approval of all design outputs for BP owner and shared
assets from Engineering Contractors. The role must therefore work with the Regional Engineering Manager and BP
Lubricants Engineering Authority to ensure that the design meets BP’s standards and will function as engineered.
HSSE Accountabilities:
HSSE accountabilities for the role of Engineering & Quality Manager include:
- The validation and approval of all engineering design deliverables.
- The review and engineering verification of proposed design changes post project Sanction.
- Ownership of the PHSSER process and timely management of associated actions.
- Assurance that the design is constructed as intended.

Yêu cầu công việc

The Engineering & Quality Manager must have experience as a Chemical, Process, Mechanical or Control Engineer.
Experience as a fabricator or field engineering role for a quality assurance perspective is desirable. Essential experience required for the position is as follows:
- Professional Engineering Degree is essential.
- 10+ years of multi-services engineering experience including QA/QC leadership and management.
- 5 + years as an Engineering Manager.
- Fluent in the process of design, detailing and field construction engineering on multi-discipline projects.
- Fluent in process and mechanical engineering principles, appreciation of other engineering disciplines.
- Familiar with BP’s engineering requirements from S&OR and BP’s GDP’s.
- Expert in the engineering and QA/QC process throughout the project lifecycle.
- Working experience with EPC and EPCM contracting models and fluent in the language of design and
construction contracts.
- Familiar with CVP and Pcp (v4) gated processes and BP’s policy of Management of no change.
- The following experience would be advantageous:
- Knowledgeable in the BP ways of working and BP project management practices.
- Experience of successfully working with design and engineering contractors.
- Experience of successfully working with an EPC or EPCm contractor.
The project is based in Vietnam and will require verbal and written capability in Vietnamese. The project is Vietnam based but will require coordination across Europe, North America and S E Asia due to the distributed nature of accountabilities across the lubricants business and BP.
If you are interested in this job opportunity, kindly send your updated CV via VietnamWorks

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- 13th payment, Sales Incentive
- Healthcare plan for employee and family
- Pension

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