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Senior Devops Engineer – Hà Nội

Tuyển Dụng Mass

Lượt xem: 10362 | Ngày cập nhật: 14/12/2021(1 tháng trước)

Tỉnh thành tuyển dụng: Hà Nội

Quận huyện tuyển dụng: Quận Thanh Xuân

Địa điểm tuyển dụng: Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi.

Hạn nộp hồ sơ: Đã hết hạn nộp hồ sơ

Mức lương: 20 - 30 triệu

Thông tin

- Chức vụ: Nhân viên

- Kinh nghiệm: 2 - 5 năm kinh nghiệm

- Hình thức làm việc: Toàn thời gian cố định

- Yêu cầu bằng cấp: Đại học trở lên

- Yêu cầu giới tính: Không yêu cầu

- Số lượng cần tuyển: 1 ứng viên

- Thời gian thử việc: 2 tháng

- Ngành nghề: IT phần mềm

- Lĩnh vực: Developer

Mô tả công việc

• Develop a completed document that describes the current configuration of system;
• Hand-on CI-CD, ensure zero-downtime deployment (Installation, configuration and tuning web, application and database system);
• Manage products infrastructure, scalability, high availability solutions;
• Summary and report daily statistics from Pinpoint and Grafana.
Working time: Monday – Friday (8:00 -12:00, 13:30 -17:30)
Working location: Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi.

Yêu cầu công việc

age: 25- 35 ( not exceed 40)
Qualifications Required: University level with bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalence;
• At least 2-year experience working in managing Linux system;
• Have experience with CI/CD Tool: Jenkins /Docker/ Ansible/ K8S / Sonarqube…;
• Fluently in Python, Shell/Script;
• Have 2 - 3 years of experience with Apache or Nginx;
• At least 2-year experience with MySQL, Postgresql, MariaDB, MongoDB;
• Ready to learn new technology.
Skills Required:
• OS: CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu;
• WEB/WAS platform : Apache, Nginx;
• Monitor: Zabbix, Pinpoint, Grafana;
• CI/CD: Jenkins, Ansible;
• Database: MySQL, MariaDB, NoSQL;
• Cloud: AWS, GCP.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

Salary: 25tr-30tr
• Allowances: 1,000,000 VND per month on lunch and transportation;
• Signing bonus one month basic salary for candidates who self-apply when they become official employees;
• Unlimited utilization of all Company products;
• Opportunities to collaborate with renowned business partners (Facebook, Coc Coc, etc.);
• Chances to work in a well-recognized company which has achieved successes on both national and global scale, namely First Place Startup in 2016 GIST Tech-I Competition awarded by the American former President Barack Obama, First Place in Vietnamese Talent Competition, Top 1 Most Loved Children Application on App Store and Google Play;
• First-handed experience with top-notch international teaching and learning materials and approaches;
• Chances to work closely with excellent Vietnamese and American educators and linguists.;
• Positive and open-minded environment which is made up of people who are always ready to listen and share;
• Courses fully funded by the company to improve ones competence and skills;
• Salary review every 6 months;
• Bonuses on KPI, projects, new ideas, boost-up bonus; on-the-spot reward; rewards for new suggestions of contribution recognition and employee gifts on special occasions;
• Equipment and devices provided at work, or allowance for using personal devices;
• Number of days-off, public and New Year holidays, annual leave will be under Labor Law;
• Attractive maternity regime for both male and female employees;
• Entitled to Social insurance, health insurance, underemployment insurance and other benefits according to the companys policies;
• Health screening and wellness check-up services at prestigious hospitals;
• Daily tea-break, weekly gather-up, monthly birthday party and annual summer trip;
• Other benefits are discussed during the interview.

Hồ sơ bao gồm

- Đơn xin việc.
- Sơ yếu lý lịch.
- Hộ khẩu, chứng minh nhân dân và giấy khám sức khoẻ.
- Các bằng cấp có liên quan.

Hình ảnh

So sánh lương Nộp hồ sơ
Chia sẻ:

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