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cowan design

Cowan Design

Chi Tiết Nhà Tuyển Dụng

địa chỉ
Địa chỉ: Lầu 7, Bitexco, số 2 Hải Triều, Quận 1

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Cowan is a fiercely independent branding consultancy and design network. We belief every brand, every person, every situation has potential. We exist to Realise Potential for our clients, our colleagues and our partners. Cowan opened its studio in Ho Chi Minh thirteen years ago. We have established a strong reputation in the market place for branding and design and have been working with many consumer and corporate brands, including Nestle, Coca-cola, Massan, Heineken as well as Corporate and Retail clients. The HCM studio is an integral part of Cowan’s Asian offer, which consists of four studios across the region. Over the last four years we have achieved rapid growth and have become one of the largest brand design networks in Asia with 100 professionals. We work on national, regional and global projects, regularly competing and beating offices in London, Paris and other cities. We have a strong focus on driving consumer behavior, like purchase (rather than awareness). Our services cover ideation, branding, design, naming, communication, e-commerce and other touch points where consumers and brands interface.

Cowan Design Tuyển Dụng

Giám Đốc Thiết Kế Bao Bì/ Packaging Design DirectorTop management

Phó trưởng phòng
Thỏa thuận / tháng
yêu cầu giới tínhKhông yêu cầu
ngành nghềQuan hệ đối ngoại, Thiết kế - Mỹ thuật, In ấn - Xuất bản
địa điểmHồ Chí Minh
hình thức làm việcToàn thời gian cố định
yêu cầu bằng cấpKhông yêu cầu
1. Leading Design and Finished art team
2. Together with Account service, understanding the opportunity and the brand and assess ideas against this opportunity, then select ideas that best fit.
3. Provide clear direction to designers, illustrators, finished artists, photographers and printers to maximize outcome and ensure deadlines are achieved.
4. Anticipate client objections, reactions and questions, and prepare responses together with Account service.
5. When required, support the Creative Director in representing design in strategic client presentations, meetings and de-briefs.
6. Undertake and assume full responsibility for the development and on-going management of the Cowan Design brand’s corporate identity and image.
7. Take action to keep abreast of changes within the fast moving consumer goods sector and innovations in packaging.
8. Project tasks may also include management of work to go on our company website, new business presentation materials, and external literature.
Key task areas:
1. Understand and deliver the brand values of Cowan Design
2. Briefing/ Strategic Understanding
3. Ideas Generation
4. Design
5. Art Direction
6. Communication – internal and client facing
7. Company Profiling – corporate identity and image
8. Professional Development
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